Kyle and Jenifer Westphal

Kyle and Jenifer Westphal

Kyle’s Treehouse was founded by Jenifer and Jeffrey Westphal, whose son Kyle was diagnosed in 1998. During the search for a diagnosis, a friend told the Westphals about The Son-Rise Program®, a home-based, parent-led, child-centered treatment option. After more than four years using The Son-Rise Program® and various other therapies, testing indicated that Kyle showed no further signs of autism.

Today the Westphals consider Kyle fully emerged from autism.
After finishing their program, the Westphals heard parents were frustrated by the difficulty in learning about autism treatment options. There was no clearinghouse that provided information on the pros and cons of various treatments.

While the Westphals support and understand The Son-Rise Program®, they also understand your need as a parent to have access to all the current thinking on autism therapies.   So they started The Treehouse. In a few short years, what was originally an informational resource has evolved into a community, where hundreds of thousands of visitors learn from each other ever year. We’re glad you’ve become one of them.

Kyle’s Treehouse is now 8 years old and has evolved into a place where Jenifer and other parents can tell their kids’ stories with the mission to spread the message of hope in an effort to inspire other parents in their journey with kids on the spectrum.



As Kyle Westphal grew from an infant to a toddler, he changed from an outgoing and happy child to one who was very withdrawn. Around the age of three, Kyle’s parents, Jeff and Jenifer, became concerned. The two years that followed was a confusing and heart-wrenching period – not knowing what was wrong with Kyle. After seeing specialists and enduring a battery of tests there was still no definitive diagnosis. Through a referral from a friend, the Westphals enrolled Kyle in The Son-Rise Program® after which Kyle was  diagnosed with autism in 1998.

Jeff and Jenifer were determined to bring back the sweet, loving child they had once known.  After four and a half years in the program, Kyle’s story became one with a beautiful ending, because the Westphals found a treatment that enabled him to emerge. Today, he’s a thriving young man, one who in his father’s words, “has his whole life ahead of him, the joys and sorrows, successes and failures, all the things that are a part of experiencing life.” To the parents who thought they’d lost him forever, nothing could be sweeter.

Today, Kyle is in his second year of college where he studies fashion design and lives on campus, he has a drivers license, and deals with all the “typical” events that occur in a young man’s life.  “It’s been an amazing experience to watch Kyle come such a long way and into his own.”, says Jenifer.


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The Son-Rise Program® is built around the belief that respect and deep caring are the most important factors impacting a child’s ability to learn. A home-based therapy offered through the Autism Centers of America, The Son-Rise Program enlists the parents as therapists, encouraging them to participate in their child’s activities. Doing this will win the child’s trust and makes them more comfortable with the outside stimuli.