Actress Daryl Hannah Shares Autism Diagnosis

Daryl HannahDaryl Hannah, probably best known for playing a mermaid in Splash in the 1980’s – or more recently in Kill Bill, opened up to People Magazine about her childhood diagnosis of autism. This is likely a surprise to most people, being that she’s a public person (and little was known about autism at the time of her diagnosis). But she wasn’t as “public” as we thought she was. In fact, her autism makes her quite uncomfortable being the center of attention – at the peak of her popularity, we learned that she wasn’t attending awards shows or movie premieres.

As a child, Daryl said she suffered from “debilitating shyness” and rocked non-stop. Doctors had recommended medicating her and putting her into an institution- luckily, though, her mother (a teacher) chose not to take their advice.  Daryl found her love of acting – and although she dropped away from the Hollywood scene years ago and focuses much of her time on environmental activism – still does so from time to time.

Read more about Daryl’s story here.

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