Can A Blood Test Identify Autism?

NBC News

NBC News

That’s the question researchers are trying to determine with a new study underway.

As you know, diagnosing autism can be an especially trying process for parents, which in part can be due to the fact that diagnosis is solely based on behavioral and developmental testing/evaluations. Currently there is no blood test you can take that would clearly identify whether your child is at high risk for autism. But that could change.

A national study is underway at 20 medical sites across the country looking at the accuracy of a blood test for autism.  Researchers are going to see if there’s a specific genetic marker that can be linked to being at risk for having autism.

If they are able to locate such a marker and a blood test becomes an option, it could mean that autism can be diagnosed much earlier on, and treatment can begin sooner, which could be very beneficial to children.

To learn more about the study, check out this video from NBC News, or view study specifics here.

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