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nonPareil Institute

nonPareil Institute

As we’ve discussed here before, there is a growing amount of support and programs for the autism community, mainly for those that are school-aged, which is a wonderful thing. Expanding awareness is having a great impact. However, what we’re seeing is that as our school-aged kids grow up and become adults, there is almost a complete drop-off of funding/programs/schooling/etc. available to them.

This is now starting to change, again, thanks to awareness. Many of those touched by autism have a lot to offer, particularly in terms of a job. The problem sometimes, though, is that first step of securing a job, due to difficulties with social and/or communication skills. Hoping to help secure more jobs for people with autism by tapping into strengths, there seems to be an emerging trend of the tech industry seeking out those with autism.

One recent example is SAP, a global tech company, who announced a plan to seek out people with autism and hire them as software testers, programmers and data quality assurance specialists. As noted in this article, they partnered with Specialisterne, a global job placement agency for those with autism, and said they may hire hundreds worldwide.

Some other interesting job opportunities/agencies worth noting:

  • ASTEP (Asperger Syndrome Training & Employment Partnership) – this is an agency that creates and supports programs that promote long-term employment for people with Asperger’s and high-functioning autism.
  • Aspiritech – a Chicago-based software testing service that only hires people with autism.
  • nonPareil Institute – a Texas-based program that is dedicated to providing technical training, employment and housing to those with autism.

We’ll keep sharing additional career programs/ opportunities here because this is an important and much-needed focus for the autism community.

Lynsey, Community Manager

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