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Parade recently put out an article identifying top six toy picks for children with autism. They asked two experts to provide their thoughts on toys that can help autistic children learn and development much-needed skills, such as play and social interaction. Here’s what their list looked like:

Caves & Claws

  1. Board Games – The experts note that simple games can help teach skills like following directions, and they also involve social interaction. They recommend games where players work together as a team, such as Caves & Claws and Sleeping Grump.
  2. Sports Equipment – For younger kids, these experts suggested a simple ball could do the trick because it creates an opportunity for social play, communication and eye contact. For older kids, they suggest a skateboard, which can be a tool for social activity since kids get together at skate parks and skate in groups.
  3. Musical Instruments – For smaller children, a musical toy like a whistle could be used in an imitation game- you play a tune and have your child repeat it. For older children, playing an instrument could be a good for peer interaction, as the experts note.
  4. Construction Sets – The experts say toys like Legos are good to help children learn to follow directions in order to build objects.
  5. Tool Kits – They say that even a general toolbox with a hammer and nails can help build fine motor skills and a sense of accomplishment.
  6. Books – Books have many benefits, one of them, as noted by the experts, is a chance to teach socially appropriate behavior for younger children. Some of the books they call out are Me First and Roses Are Pink, Your Feet Really Stink.

Check out the full article here.

Would love your input as well – any toys or games you’ve found to be particularly helpful? Share them with us.

Lynsey, Community Manager

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