Little Hero

Autism may give kids super-power-like abilities because they can often see and hear things that others don’t.  That is, at least, how 6-year-old Avery beautifully sees it when asked about her twin brother, Xander, who has autism. Their mom, Jenn Medvin, is creating a Kickstarter-funded short documentary, called Little Hero, about Xander’s autism as seen through her eyes. As Jenn writes on their page, Avery “does not view her brother as being a special needs child.  Instead, she actually sees him as a superhero.  She believes he has “superpowers” and is very good at “helping people.”  In this documentary, Avery explains their unique and beautiful relationship from her perspective.”

The good news is that the project was successfully funded earlier this month, so keep an eye out for the finished film. (check out the video above as well)

Lynsey, Community Manager


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