Love No Matter What

Andrew Solomon

I’ve come across an amazing person….

Andrew Solomon is an author and lecturer who writes mostly about psychology and politics, and in June, TED posted a talk by Andrew called, “Love, no matter what”

It’s a beautiful expose based on his new book, Far from the Tree: Parents, Children and the search for Identity, in which “Solomon tells the stories of parents who not only learn to deal with their exceptional children but also find profound meaning in doing so.”

Why is this important?  Because too often in the world of autism, the word love gets overused, underappreciated and lost.

I’m speaking specifically to the recent news accounts of parents who attempted to kill, or were successful in killing, their autistic kidsI Frankly, what I was most horrified by were the comments posted by readers – in many cases these readers were almost condoning the alleged actions!

Seriously?  When is murder, or attempted murder, ever ok?  Apparently some people feel in the case of an autistic, this is understandable.

Yes, there are loads of cases where autistic kids are violent and physically dangerous. And, yes, services are sometimes nonexistent.  But autism is not the only victim of this country’s profound lack of empathy in providing social services for those who need it the most:  ask anyone dealing with most health care issues and you’ll hear the same cry for help.

So it’s during these times –in the dark hours when murder seems to be the only option – I wish more people could hear Andrew Solomon…his message, “love – no matter what!” – is really the only answer.

Hugs, Jenifer

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