Nothing Is Impossible

We love to share stories from around the autism community here with you on Kyle’s Treehouse. Here is a little something shared on Facebook by one of my inspirational friends, Theresa Noye, who ran The Son-Rise Program for her son, Regal.  It’s a great message of never giving up on your dreams.

Regal Canoe


My son, Regal was diagnosed with an ASD when he was 2 1/2 years old. It’s been quite a journey. We ran a home program, with the help of many people, 40-50 hrs/7days a week for 6 years in our home. We lovingly built a bridge from his world into ours. At his own pace, on his own terms, we witnessed the unfolding of a miracle. Two years ago he expressed a desire to go to school. He wanted to have the classroom experience and be around other kids (like his sister, Nia). We developed a list and worked together to help him reach his goal. Once again, my champion surpassed our imagination and off he went to school. He just spent the last three days with his 5th grade class camping, fishing, rock climbing, team-building, exploring…don’t give up on your dreams. Whatever limitations you are facing, nothing is impossible. #autismisnotalifesentence #healedbyhisstripes #thereismore




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