Raun Kaufman’s book is available!

Autism BreakthroughAs most of you know, we ran a treatment program for 4 years called “Son-Rise” to help Kyle recover from Autism.  Now you can read all about Son-Rise from the original Son-Rise “son!”  Raun K. Kaufman just recently published his own book, Autism Breakthrough, and it’s available through Amazon.com.

This is more than just a story of Raun’s recovery from Autism, because that is told in the book written by his father, Barry Neil Kaufman, called Son-Rise, the Miracle Continues (also available on Amazon.com).  It’s more an in-depth look at the program and why it works so well!  This is the go-to book if you want to understand the principles of Son-Rise and begin working with your child now!

I encourage you to order your copy today!  And if you’d like to see Raun interviewed on Fox News, you can check it out here:

Today Kyle is 21, attending a University, living on his own, making friends and doing his own thing!  We owe all this and so much more to the Son-Rise program.  Just take a look and see if the Son-Rise principles don’t help you help your child.  What have you got to lose!



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