She Knows What Causes Autism

We live in a world where we’re trying to isolate a cause for autism. There are literally studies coming out every day with a new potential trigger. We’re seeing the results of some of the hysteria from this as measles – a possible deadly and once-eradicated disease – is now being spread since people are opting to not vaccinate their children in fear of autism. (Check out our last post for more on the need to vaccinate your children.)

So when we came across this beautifully written piece by Carrie Cariello entitled “I Know What Causes Autism,” it was a good reminder to take a step back for a moment. While it’s often complicated, she captures what is needed for a delicate emotional balance and does so in a remarkable way.

Read more from Carrie Cariello’s on her blog.

Lynsey, Community Manager 

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