Spotlight On…Seattle Children’s Museum

Seattle Children's Museum

Our ‘Spotlight On’ series features regional programs and activities in the arts and entertainment that have been designed for those touched by autism.

If you are in or around the Seattle area, you may be interested to know that the Seattle Children’s Museum hosts sensory-sensitivity hours the first Saturday of every month. During these events, the museum makes adjustments to accommodate those that may benefit from a quieter environment, such as children touched by autism – doing so by dimming lights and sounds.

The museum stretches more than 22,000 square feet and is designed for kids 10 and under to enjoy with their families. The exhibits available to children at the museum are focused on exploratory play.

For the sensory-sensitivity hours, the museum opens at 8:30 a.m. at a reduced rate of $3.00/ person. Tickets must be pre-purchased through its website.

Lynsey, Community Manager 

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