Stripes at CMA


For those of you in the NYC area, you may already be familiar with the Children’s Museum of Art (CMA). It’s a hands-on art museum dedicated to engaging young artists in various programs and self-guided art exploration.  It has a big gallery, media lab, ball pond and other features to introduce and involve children in the arts.

For those of you that may be close by to the museum, you should check into a great program they have called Stripes. Stripes offers a free opportunity for autistic children and their families to engage in visual art making, creative performing experiences and imaginative play. There are two Stripes classes—“Stripes I” focuses on tactile experiences and building creativity and communication skills involving various mediums such as music, movement and yoga. “Stripes II” focuses on using art to build social skills and peer-to-peer relationships and incorporates CMA’s Media Lab and Sound Booth.

Art—particularly creating art—whether it’s music, painting, crafts, etc. is a great way to further enhance skills such as self-expression.  We’ll have to check around for more programs like this one so we can share those with you here.

Lynsey, Community Manager 

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