Top Apps for Autistic Children

Your iPhone or iPad may just be the most coveted item in your household—according to your children, at least. Some of the apps out there can be both fun and educational—as well as shown to help those with autism. With so many apps out there, we’ve sifted through to find the ones that have been recognized:

The Huffington Post calls out six ‘awesome’ apps, a few of them include:

Go Go Games

  • Go Go Games is designed to help children with ASD learn to quickly notice multiple features of objects in the world around them.
  • Hidden Curriculum for Kids uses real-life situations to spur conversations about the “unwritten social rules” that we encounter every day that may cause confusion and anxiety.
  • Speech with Milo: Interactive Storybook was created as a speech therapy tool for children that features an interactive storybook and the ability to record your own story.

While The Stir identified five other apps in its ‘best apps for autistic children’ piece. One of them is Dr. Panda-Teach Me!, which helps children with skills like counting, memory, and colors. Another one is Talking Larry, which helps develop language skills and features a talking bird friend.

Also, while we’re on the subject of apps, in honor of Autism Awareness Month, has made all of their apps free—which includes a collection of apps focused on speech and language, self-care skills and receptive and expressive identification.

Which apps do you use and recommend?

Lynsey, Community Manager