Say Yes, Ellen!


We love this – 17-year-old Esteban, featured in this YouTube video, would like to ask Ellen Degeneres to his prom. And we think he makes a good case! Check out the video (and you can support him by typing the comment ‘Ellen!! Say YES!! to Esteban’ on Ellen’s facebook page). As his parents said, having a disability does not stop you from dreaming!

Lynsey, Community Manager

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I really love this story and wanted to share it with all of you (in case you haven’t seen it).  Nineteen-year-old Jon Larson, who has autism, was able to do something his parents never thought was a possibility – he attended his junior prom. His date for the evening was Maddi Colbeth, a fellow student at Clear Lake High in Wisconsin. Jon and Maddi met through a school club that, as noted in this article, encouraged friendships between disabled students and those without disabilities.

After Maddi joined the club she noticed that Jon was eating lunch alone and started eating with him–and they’ve had lunch together every day since. When it came time for Jon’s junior prom (Maddi is a senior), she asked Jon if he wanted to go and said, as that same article notes, “I knew he wouldn’t have gotten the chance if it wasn’t for me asking him, so I thought he deserved the chance to go. I thought he would enjoy that.”

And it seemed he did – they prepped in advance for the dance, even visiting the restaurant they would eat at ahead of time to get familiar with everything. At the prom, Jon danced and had a good time.

The friendship between these two teens is a wonderful thing to see, and I’m so glad Jon’s dad shared this story on Facebook. My hope is that more schools take on a similar club so others can benefit from such special bonds and experiences.

Lynsey, Community Manager