Taylor Swift’s Biggest Fan

Prepare to be blown away by talent! Seven-year-old Jacob Velazquez, featured in this video, showcases his amazing piano skills with a medley of Taylor Swift songs, such as “Bad Blood” and “Shake It Off.”

Jacob, who has autism, gives a shout-out to Taylor at the start of the video, saying, “I’m your biggest fan and I hope you can sign this for me one day.” (holding up her album “1989”). And it looks like Jacob’s wish will come true – after sharing the video online, Taylor responded via Twitter saying, “I HAVE to give you a hug for that beautiful piano medley you did! Please come to a show on my tour and say hi to me? My treat.”

Go Jacob!

Lynsey, Community Manager

Teen Helps Parents of Children with Autism

This amazing video was created by Michael Whary, an Ohio teen who is truly making a difference. Michael, who has autism, is working to become an Eagle Scout – and to do that, he needed to complete a service project that benefits the community. So he took the opportunity to create a video that aims to help parents of children with autism, sharing how autism doesn’t make him different, it makes him Michael.

And we can say we’re quite impressed! Also, speaking of achievements, not only is Michael working to become an Eagle Scout, he’s (as noted here), a member of his school’s track and field team, ROTC and marching band. (Keep in mind that Michael’s family was told that he would never ride a bike or drive a car – and you’ll see he can do both quite well!)

We invite you to check out Michael’s video!

Lynsey, Community Manager


Tom Hanks & His #1 Fan

Love this video – although it was posted earlier this year, it is now just making the rounds – and we’re glad it did! Tom Hanks has a reputation for being one of the nicest stars in Hollywood, and this just makes the case even stronger. While starring on Broadway in “Lucky Guy” he invited Sarah Moretti, a young lady with autism, backstage after learning she was a huge fan. In fact, according to the YouTube post, Sarah saved all the things she could find about Tom Hanks over the years – and you can see him going through the binder with her. (The best part is watching the excited Sarah’s reaction in the mirror!) – check it out:


Lynsey, Community Manager