Chef Chase

This is a budding chef named Chase Bailey. He’s a 13-year old based in California and host of his own cooking show on YouTube. Chase was diagnosed with autism at 2-years-old and his mom, Mary, was given some tough warnings at that time about Chase’s future – he may never get a job, learn to socialize or lead an independent life.  One of the things Chase struggled with early on was eating—like many on the spectrum, the various textures, smells and tastes were overwhelming for him. He stuck with a basic diet of pizza, chicken, french fries, cookies and chips.

That all changed, though, when he started watching cooking shows with his grandfather. He, as explained here, got hooked on watching people enjoy the food they were eating and then asked to start trying some of the food he was seeing on TV. Among his early requests – fried alligator and frog legs.

This discovery of food led to the creation of “Chase ‘N Yur Face” on YouTube, where you can watch Chase cook up all sorts of culinary treats (and get visits from other chefs!)

It’s a great story and good reminder of the importance of finding inspiration and something you connect with – no matter what it may be, and no matter how big or small it is – because it was brings out the best in us.

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Lynsey, Community Manager

Spending A Little Time Online

I spent the morning having fun on YouTube.  Aside from Facebook, it’s another internet site where you can “waste” time…I’m not kidding – it’s seriously addictive!  I started by watching ‘The Kennedy Center Honors’ from last year, and an hour later I was asking myself, “seriously, what did I just do??”

But YouTube has its useful side too, especially if you are looking for help with your autistic children.  For starters, take a look for the Autism Treatment Center of America and The Son-Rise Program.  Here are just a couple of great links that can help get you started down that “geez, it’s been an hour already?” path….

(in this video, you hear a little bit about Nathan from the perspective of his mother, who’s speaking in a lovely Irish accent…)


(in this video, you hear about Jake’s recovery from autism, and Jake’s parents, Brian and Susan were also in our first Son-Rise start up and have enjoyed the same success as we’ve had with Kyle!)


(and in this video, you can see Kyle’s first ever fashion collection, and yes, that’s Kyle talking with Marsh Gay Harden!)

So you see, YouTube can be a very useful way to spend an hour, or two, or three, especially if what you are watching incredible videos filled with help and hope – you never know what will be that one message you hear that will inspire you to take bold action in helping your little youngster with autism.  Log on and give it try…it’s really fun!