The LEGO Challenge

This video features Brynjar Karl, a young boy in Iceland, who is making his dream known – and it involves LEGO.

Brynjar’s mom is a producer and filmmaker is who working on a documentary about autism and her son, who is autistic, is helping her do it. LEGOs have been a creative outlet for Brynjar, and as his mom explains, Brynjar has a great passion for cruise ships, with his favorite one being the Titanic. So Brynjar is making his request with a dream in mind – he wants to go to the LEGO factory in Billund and for them to give him the chance to build his own Titanic ship.

As his mom says, “He is sure he can do this and, knowing what he has accomplished over the years, I believe him!”

We do too – go Brynjar!

Lynsey, Community Manager


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