Two-Minute MRI Diagnosis?

Determining whether a child has autism or not has been, up to this point, primarily based on factors outlined in the DSM. It’s based on meeting certain criteria and there’s no medical test, such as a blood test, that can be taken to provide a diagnosis. But with the evolution of technology and research, we’re learning of more and more ways medical diagnostic tools may one day play a large role in the detection, and ultimately diagnosis, of autism.

One such potential tool, according to recent research published in Clinical Psychological Science, is a brain-imaging technique, similar to a MRI, that could detect autism in only two minutes. The scanning process can show the brain’s response to thoughts of ‘self-perspective’ – such as recognizing ‘your turn.’ It showed that there was a subdued response in the brain among those with autism – and the more subdued the response, the more severe the autism symptoms.

While it wouldn’t be able to take the place of a full evaluation, and it will certainly require much more research, this may be a way to aide in the clinical diagnosis in the future, offering us a little more insight into how our brains are processing information.

You can check out more on this research here.

Lynsey, Community Manager

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